Week 3

So far so good. I am on week 3 and im feeling pretty good. So far the only change is 2 Lb of Lean mass gained. Just gotta get better with the diet and continue the workouts.

Good Luck to me!

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Round 2….. FIGHT!

Finally, summer is over. I am now back on the wagon and it’s tough. It’s pretty insane how your body looses pretty much all of the physical fitness that you develop if you don’t work out. Thankfully I have kept off the 20 lbs I lost on round 1 so I am very happy about that.

It is time now to start round 2 and I am setting a goal of another 20 lbs which should be relatively simple to achieve If I stick to it again. Annie’s back in school which mean I have my workout slot of time open again. It is now day 2 and I am definitely feeling it. I have yet to complete the workouts so it feels like I am pretty much on week 2 of my first round. I was able to do 5 push ups per set which is still better than my 2-3 on my knees when I first started so I haven’t totally lost my fitness.

Nevertheless, it is going to be brutal and I must get ready and face it. Wish me luck!

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Running out of gas

I don’t know what it is but lately I have been having a tough time finishing the workouts. I don’t know if I am not eating enough/Well ? . I haven’t gained any weight but maybe it was that 2 week break. I guess It’s sort of like starting over again partially? I just got to about 8 min left in Chest and arms and I couldn’t do any more push ups… My arms starting giving up on me. I guess I just have to keep trying.

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Upper Body Massacre

I think it’s interesting how the more you try to follow the rules the less you can do. I’m doing a mix of the One-on-one videos with the P90X videos for my second round so that I don’t get burned out on the same videos and exercises. Today instead of chest and back I did the Upper body Massacre and holy crap!

I forced myself to keep up with Tony and sadly I am destroyed and only got through about half of the video. But doing 30 push ups followed by 15 pull ups one after another is insane!  I normally do 15 or so push ups and the pace of the P90X is much slower since he pauses to explain a lot and to wait for everyone to finish. On the one-on-one videos it’s non stop punishment. I am pooped! hooray for 180 push ups!

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Round Two…. FIGHT!

Officially started Round 2 of P90x today and I am POOPED! I did some decent reps but its by no means easy.  Chest and Back Day 1 Completed. Let’s Hope for something Good.

Starting Stats:
Weight: 284 Lbs
Body Fat: 32.8 %

Weight : 260 Lbs
Body Fat: ??%

Wish me Luck!

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P90X Round 1 Completed!

The time has finally come and I am happy to say that I have completed the first round of P90x with some nice results. I am still a long way off from where I want to be but I got a really good head start. The pictures aren’t really that spectacular but the numbers don’t lie Here’s the info:

Total Weight Loss: 19 Lbs
Unfortunately I didn’t take good fat % readings up front so I don’t have any good data. But I did take measurements:

Well the pictures aren’t pretty but at least they some some of the improvements. It’s only more fuel to make me work harder. Round 2 Start soon!!!!

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… to generate the 1.21 Gigawatts of Electricity I need!

Plyo is indeed “The Mother” cause at day 70+ it still kicks my ass! In other news I burned 3, 556, 400 Joules during Plyo which is nerdy and awesome at the same time. When you put it like that It makes you re-think eating anything after working so damn hard.

Also, Im at 290 Lbs which equates to -17  Lbs wooo hooo! Slowly but surely I am seeing some progress which only gets me more excited for round 2. Who would have thought I would ever be excited for pain and suffering even with a nice reward.


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